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Goal/Our areas of focus: 
The goal of Gladiator Sports is to develop young men of character.  Gladiator Sports uses athletics as a platform for character development using three main strategies:

Young athletes are prepared to be successful to make a positive difference in the arena of life in the following areas:

     *Life-skills: The essential part of achieving our goal and reaching our fullest potential.         This includes learning time management,              organization, stress-management, problem            solving, conflict resolution and a willingness        to learn and lead.

     *Health and Fitness: Development of a healthy        mind and body helps us maintain wellness.            Disciplining our bodies for peak performance requires exerting ourselves physically through sweat and energy and mentally through self-control and building a healthy self-confidence (Christ-confidence).
    *Education: We help set young athletes on the       right track to achieve educational milestones,       such as acquiring a high school diploma or           GED through community resource                           connections.

    *Goal-setting: Goals get us places.  Learning           how to make plans for the future is a critical         step in reaching our destination.

     *Spiritual Growth: Just a muscles are built              through consistent, challenging exercises,            our inner man can only grow through the              daily discipline of Scripture reading and the          exercise of faith.  We learn and apply                    spiritual principles to our lives.

 We believe the presence of a trusted                     counselor in young lives is                                       invaluable.  Mentoring provides our                         young athletes an opportunity to                             receive valuable advice from those                         that have already been where they                         are now.  Our mentors make a                                 profound impact in leading by                                 example.

 We aim to foster an atmosphere of                          community and family among our                            athletes, through a unified team                            mentality.  We desire to build                                  meaningful relationships as we play                      the games we love.  For all of our                            athletes, we hope to feel like a home                      away from home.

The Need for Gladiator Sports:
Young men are impressionable.  As is custom for all of us, they mirror the behaviors and attitudes that are modeled for them.  Without positive examples of men to emulate, young men often end up off course.  When passions and pursuits are misguided, it can be dangerous and disastrous.  When passions and pursuits are wisely guided, they can bring much success and satisfaction.
There is a need to develop leadership identities in the young men of today.  Gladiator Sports strives to provide a place where passion for athletics can be properly guided in an environment that promotes character qualities essential to effective leadership.  We hope to intercept young men facing uncertainty about their future and equip them with the tools, motivation and renewed vision to reach their potential and make a difference, leading others with strength of character and faith.
We have identified 6 values learned from the athletic arena, which guide our time on and off of the field.

We demonstrate COMMITMENT by consistently showing up to practices and games.  We show up and support each other.

We are people of INTEGRITY who live out our core values.

We show RESPECT to our teammates, our coaches, our opponents, ourselves and the time honored tradition of sports.

We take RESPONSIBILITY for our attitudes, our actions and our choices we make.

We honor TEAMWORK by caring for one another and knowing that our success comes through a unified effort. 

We exhibit VALOR when we take to the arena, prepared to do our best in the challenge that lies before us regardless the end result.

Comments from Gladiators when ask "What has Gladiator Spots meant to you?":
"Family" - D. Byrd
"It meant the world to me to have the opportunity and actively brought me closer to The Lord...Where I wanted to be" - Josh D.

"Gladiator football helped me further my athletic skills and at the same time having the opportunity to develop my relationship with God"  - Eliot M 
Founder and director of Gladiator Sports, Reid Bennett uses his passion for sports to reach young men for Christ!

*University of Memphis '85-90 offensive line. 33 consecutive starts.  Team Captain. All South Independent 1st team.
*Graduate assistant coach at Mississippi State University under Rick Trickett '90
*OL/DL coach Christ School '96-97.

*Arena Bowl Champion with Tampa Bay Storm '91.  Iron man award.
*OL/DL coach Asheville Saints 2009 (PFL Champion)
*Head Coach Asheville Saints 2010 (PFL Semi finals)
*Founded Gladiator Sports 2012
*Over 20 years of playing/coaching experience.

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